Employee referral plan?

  • Widen your net for free and increase the candidate quality to post on our social referral network.
  • Have you ever thought of using the employee referral budget for a position or two to engage a talent acquisition specialist? Work with Recruiting Redesigned!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed with the front-end part of the hiring process and don’t think you can afford additional internal resources or a quality retained recruiter, don’t worry; we can help.

We don’t charge 20% – 30% of first year’s salary…

In fact, our standard one job engagement is only $2,500, far less than the national average cost to hire of $4,000, and certainly less than 30% of first year’s salary that could be as much as $30,000 for a $100,000 salary job contract.

What have our results been?

Significant improvement in overall candidate quality in less time for less money.

  • 57% reduction in first year turnover
  • 62% reduction in time to hire
  • 37% reduction in cost to hire

How Do We Do This?

1. Recruiting Redesigned Talent Acquisition Model

Talent acquisition strategy specific for each job need! Each job engagement will consist of:

  • Hiring Manager/HR Executive Job Profile Discussion
  • Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Digital Advertising Strategy Development
  • Candidate Pool Analysis
  • Candidate Screening and Confirmation of Interest
  • Top Candidate Comparison Report
  • Top Candidate Presentation

2. Superior Matching Technology

Recruiting Redesigned is the only TerraTal Certified Recruiter (TCR) in the US. We have developed a new talent acquisition service model that leverages TerraTal’s superior candidate matching technology to improve the quality of your candidate pool for your organization.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)is redefining the recruiting, but we still have the need for the human element to harness that AI in the proper direction for maximum success…Recruiting Redesigned!
  • Keywords are good for searches, but they are bad at matching the many aspects that factor into job fit such as culture and work environment. TerraTal’s platform analyzes 5 times more information than is found on a typical resume to determine overall job fit match.
  • TerraTal incorporates more than 74 data points to drive a superior level of accuracy and reliability in the matching process than a traditional keyword search approach. It’s like comparing your grandpa’s TV to a new 4K HDTV. A much better lens!

3. HR Technology

We spent the last 2 years researching the latest in HR technology. We utilize a combination of technological platforms that enable job specific strategy for every hire. We use a vast network of over 1,500 recruiters for referral candidates, customized digital advertising strategy, a network of over 3,000 job boards including local and niche sites, social media, and additional promotion through various industry talent acquisition networks to significantly improve overall candidate quality in less time for less money.

Additional Service Offerings – Contact us to scope your project!

  • Compensation Analysis including Workforce Compensation Strategy
  • Assessments
  • Video interviewing
  • Ideal candidate modeling via AI
  • Candidate Fit Analysis
  • Background Checks
  • API Integration and/or data import to HRIS and/or ATS

I’m Interested, What Do I Do Next?

  • Discuss hiring needs and determine if there is mutual fit to work together (15 minutes on the phone or on-site depending on time sensitivity and availability)
  • Confirm engagement scope
  • Engagement kick-off will take place within 72 hours. The engagement should last no longer than 60 days for more complex searches, but normally last 30 days or less!
  • When you are satisfied with our initial engagement, rinse and repeat

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Saving you valuable time screening resumes so you can focus on interviewing and vetting candidates to fill more positions


Leveraging technology to provide the most thorough vetting process for your clients while saving you valuable time screening resumes


Assessing accurate and current career
options and matching to best fit and opportunities for you

  • “John has an extensive network of C-Suite, sales leaders, and recruiters that he has leveraged to land me my first sales job, my first medical sales job, and my dream job!”

    J. Hill Austin, Texas
  • “Recruiting Redesigned helped me by expanding my candidate pool with creative new strategies. More importantly, I was able to determine the best fit for my practice.”

    Dr. Charles Archer Owner of Archer Chiropractic
  • “Recruiting Redesigned helped me optimize our employer brand to enhance the quantity and quality of applicants.”

    Lauren Golden Owner of Salon J-Elle
  • “The job fit analysis I was presented helped me lock in my talent acquisition strategy based on information I haven’t been able to utilize before Recruiting Redesigned helped us.”

    James Haik Owner of Yee-Haw Media

Recruiting Redesigned is proud to be a member of:

Society for Human Resource Management
New Orleans Society of Human Resources Management
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